Stay mobile. Stay successful. Be inspired. Be uplifted.

As a business executive, decision-maker, team or entire organization, you are affected by the highly dynamic changes of our modern world. Companies are often too slow in their
decision-making. They are limited in their ability to operate effectively. To survive in today’s dynamic environment, you will need to be agile.

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I’ve developed the following packages to help you stay flexible and successful. Packages for leaders, teams and entire organizations. Packages for extraordinary events and inspiring journeys.

You won’t find typical consultant offers based on stereotypes and copy/paste templates here. Every client is different. My work uniquely combines individual leadership development, new management forms like agile frameworks and self-organization, innovation methods, user experience, team development, strategy development and intuitive-adaptive approaches.


My work is always marked by respect, trust and a sense of humor and effortlessness.

Decrease pressure.
Find your personal way.

1:1 sessions for leaders and decision-makers


Enhance team performance. Get new processes going.

Workshops and stimuli for teams


Shape the future of your organization with clear vision and fresh effortlessness

Strategic and organizational design


Hosting large groups, events and inspirational journeys

Uplifting offers for you and your organization


Digitalization and agility

Depending on your preferences and requirements, I’m currently offering complete or partial virtual solutions combined with safe on-site or remote contact. All my services will be tailored to your IT environment. We can also adapt formats for ongoing projects if your framework conditions change.