Workshops and stimuli for teams

How can your team become more innovative? How may your structure, culture and processes change? Teams that are trying to progress might be faced with various obstacles such as old values and outdated ways of working.

You will benefit from the three formats I’ve put together below. I’ll adjust the content to the current development state of your team based on my intuition and hands-on experience. In the end, your team will be equipped with new skills and sustainably perform better.


Elevate your Team
More than a Teamworkshop
Agile beyond Frameworks

Elevate your Team

Your management team specifically wants to increase its own performance. You are looking for fresh input. You’d like to better understand and master agile leadership, innovation and transformation.

Together, we’ll devise a sound development portfolio based on your goals. We will be working in an atmosphere of mutual respect. And we will be leaving your comfort zone! This will be necessary to ensure real progress.

You’ll receive valuable input and tools to Elevate your Team and ‘get things moving’.

More than a Teamworkshop

Are you tired of the same old team development workshops? Why not try something totally different?

Experience this unique fusion of innovation methods, agile team development approaches and systemic elements. This special format creates room for development on all levels. It’s hard work with lots of fun!

This team event is ideal for tackling a specific business issue or a special challenge. You will discover useful solutions while experiencing a new kind of team spirit and enhanced team performance.

Agile beyond Frameworks

You’ve been working in an agile context for a while. You’re already using agile frameworks. You may even have scaled agile settings. You’re at a point where you realize that something is missing. Or you keep running into the same obstacles that you can’t seem to eliminate.

Let’s take a closer look together. We’ll examine your group dynamics and communication, decision-making processes, open and hidden resistance and role allocation issues as well as blurry interfaces between organizational units.

I’ll help you develop viable solutions and provide guidance for successful implementation.

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