Sparring Partner | Facilitator | Co-Creator | Speaker | Lecturer | Book Author

I help leaders, decision-makers, teams and organizations remain successful and effective in a complex and dynamic market. During my career, I have worked with a range of management approaches. I understand what it means to manage a business.

How I work

As an expert on agility and new management, I help people, teams and organizations transform – in my unique way: calm, grounded, professional and empathetic. Change requires an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness. Together, we will define and implement specific goals. We will assess which levers you have and how you can use them most effectively. We will co-create success that endures.

What moves me

I’m attracted by highly dynamic environments. Our world is full of exciting transformation. I love being at the heart of all the action.

Weil Führung sich ändern muss: Aufgaben und Selbstverständnis in der digitalisierten Welt

von Eva-Maria Ayberk

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