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Surviving in a highly dynamic market requires being open to change. Not just for the sake of changing but to ensure that your business will continue to thrive.

I’ll help you create real innovation implemented step by step. With communication at eye level and a feeling of effortlessness.

Let me help you navigate through the maze of hip buzzwords like Agile Leadership and Self- Organization. Let us pave the way to your success.

Eva Ayberk. Expert consultant on organizational design and leadership. Author. Speaker. Lecturer.

Remain effective.
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This is what my customers appreciate about our collaboration:

Eva Ayberk quickly understood each of our challenges and devised a structured process. Within a short time, she helped us produce results that provided goals and action guidelines for our entire team. Scientifically sound and practical. Perfect, thanks so much!

Julian Breitenecker
CEO & Co-Founder / Fox Education Services GmbH

With her excellent technical competence and her professional moderation skills, Ms. Ayberk manages to engage everyone and to create a common understanding on a particular topic. It has been impressive how quickly Ms. Ayberk picked up our corporate culture and was able to immediately adapt to our specific needs and the current circumstances. This proved to be a major success factor in the implementation of our project. A project for us and notabout us!

Günter Eichhübl & Cornelia Buchschachner
CEO & Director of HR Management / Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH

Eva Ayberk has been perfectly supporting us during our transformation journey towards becoming an agile company by focusing on the practical implementation of our concepts and projects. She has helped us to tackle pressing transformation issues despite scarce time resources without overburdening or paralyzing our organization. Not to forget her positive and pragmatic way of approaching things, which is always solution-oriented and produces results.

Barbara Moisl
Head of Organizational Development / Origimm Biotechnology

We appreciate Ms. Ayberk’s professionalism and commitment and will continue to rely on her for projects where leaders need to be coached and further developed, and teams need to be more qualified and harmonized. With her positive, appreciative and impartial attitude, Ms. Ayberk manages to guide people in a goal-oriented way while enhancing their agility for future challenges. We also find Ms. Ayberk's steadfastness and clarity with which she addresses areas of conflicts to be most valuable.

Dr. Beatrix Bohuslav-Drug, MSc
Head of Department and Deputy Head of Section / BMLRT

Professional. Discrete. Trustworthy. Eva Ayberk has her finger on the pulse of time and is always three steps ahead. She has developed effective (virtual) leadership measures with more than 100 of our leaders.

Isabel Riel
Team and Organizational Development / Horizont Personnel

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“Everything is becoming increasingly complex.” When we hear ourselves say that, we predominantly think of external influences. The feeling that things are hard to comprehend because of the numerous factors interacting and influencing each other on different levels is not new. Studies on complexity in business show: Perceived complexity in companies has increased sixfold in the last 60 years.

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