Hosting large groups, events and inspirational journeys

Globalization and digitalization have created a world of boundless opportunities. There is so much to be discovered outside seminar rooms. In my workshops, journeys and events you will benefit from all my skills and values: mobility, an international mindset, creativity and my mantra to think and work outside the box.

Event 4.0

Are you looking for a different kind of management or customer event? How about working on a key question with your participants? How about shaping the future in an interactive format?

In an event 4.0, participants make the seemingly impossible possible. Under my guidance, they will become creators. I’ll be your host for large meetings or events, providing structure while bringing Design Thinking methods and agile approaches to the table. Together, we’ll create a new kind of flow.

Event 4.0 is a format that is uplifting, fun and productive. And it co-creates impressive results. As a nice ‘side effect’, your employees and customers will be thrilled by what they have achieved.



Beyond Speaking

I’ll be honored to ‘just’ speak at your event. However, if you’d like to utilize my full potential, we should combine inspiring input with interactive elements: a slot, a break-out session or an entire event.

We’ll get your participants moving – both in content and method.



Off We Go!

Let me take you on an exciting learning and discovery journey of genuine insights and inspiration. My international experience and network will be our source of inspiration.

We’ll start by defining our goals to ensure a hands-on approach.

Enjoy this thrilling motivational journey based on sound methods. Off We Go!


Upgrade your network

You’ve got a network and would like to start using it for yourself and your management team? Just ‘stopping by’ won’t do the trick if you really want to utilize these resources.

I’ll help you establish a structure, method and process to upgrade your network for your learning journey.


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