Shape the future of your organization with clear vision

We live in exciting new times. In a digital world full of fresh opportunities. Our rapidly changing environment calls for new organizational and strategic approaches.

There are no blueprints for successfully running a business in the future. Don’t waste your time searching for them. Instead, let’s use the latest findings from New Management.
Effective approaches to ensure your company’s success.

Together, we’ll pull the right levers. With clear rules and honest feedback on both sides.

Light Strategy
Organization Design meets Agility
Move to Perform

Light Strategy

Mission, vision, purpose. Do these concepts still apply? How do you define your strategic journey in this highly dynamic world?

I suggest moving away from massive strategy plans toward lean, effortless strategy work. Together, we’ll answer questions like: What does your company stand for? What’s your general direction? How can you remain mobile and agile? Which benefits will you be creating for future customers?

The Light Strategy program will help your company drop those extra pounds that slow you down. With the latest strategy work methods, we’ll create the right framework conditions.

This will ensure the future success of your company – with a new effortlessness.

Organization Design meets Agility

You feel that your organizational structure and processes are no longer adequate. You can’t seem to offer enough elbow room for your people. Your structures are rigid and your decision-making processes slow. Responsibilities may be insufficiently defined.

Let’s critically examine your situation. I’ll be applying my agile perspective. This will help us to create new opportunities: roles instead of positions, iteration instead of restructuring, prototyping instead of rigid planning.

Being agile means being flexible. Taking that step requires a lot of courage. But it’s clearly worth it! A modern organizational design will provide exciting new opportunities for you, your company or your business unit.

Move to Perform

You’d like to get your company moving, but that seems to require enormous effort? You’re experiencing a situation many entrepreneurs find themselves in. They are struggling with resistance and doubt. That can be frustrating.

Massive transformation and change processes tend to offer the wrong solutions. An agile, flexible approach might be much more effective. People like to move and progress, but they need to know why. Taking little steps in the right direction can help to create a sense of achievement and purpose.

Being on the move can be exhausting. Staying motivated and flexible requires encouragement from the outside. I’ll keep you going – with motivation, knowledge, effective structures and sound methods.

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