Growing up in a business environment spiked my interest in entrepreneurship. During my international business studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, my focus was on finance and financial markets. Later, I developed an even stronger fascination: marketing, customer relations and sales.

Today, I share my experiences as a speaker at international events and a lecturer for a consultant Master’s program. I’m a Certified Scrum Master, Agile Leader (level II, International Scrum Alliance) and Design Thinking Practitioner (HPI Academy/D-School, Potsdam, Germany).



I started out in customer relations at a company that was undergoing a comprehensive business transformation. Since then, my focus has been on management and leadership, in particular in the context of business transformation. Later, I developed the corporate client base of an international business school. As a next step, I helped the school expand its business to Eastern Europe, working with scientists from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, etc. During that time, I gained invaluable experience about what it means to take on responsibility for management and leadership in organizations and international corporations.

Certificates & Credentials

Certified Agile Scrum Master
Scrum Alliance, USA

Fundamentals of agility, agile values and principles, SCRUM processes and roles

Certified Agile Leader Level I u. II
Scrum Alliance, USA und UK

Leadership in an agile context, the agile organization, agile approaches to change

Design Thinking Certificate
HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam University (D-School)

User-centered solutions for complex problems, innovative collaboration in multidisciplinary expert teams

Certified IMDE Consultant for Talent Developers, Talent Finders and Talent Recruiters
Scientifically proven potential analysis and potential development

Practitioner level; additional applications: stress, meetings, teams

Systemic Organizational Consulting
Simon, Weber & Friends, Vienna & Berlin

Typologies, consulting proposition, scoping, interview techniques, conflict transformation, intervention strategies, learning patterns, decision-making

Presencing Foundation Program
Presencing Institute, South Africa & USA

Theory U concepts and methods – a social technology for profound innovation and change developed by Prof. Otto Scharmer, MIT

Kiel Councelling Model Certificate
European Systemic Business Academy (E.S.B.A.), Vienna

Systemic-constructivist thinking and holistic views, attitude, setting, techniques and methods, team coaching, quality criteria Certificate approved by the Austrian Coaching Council (ACC)

Certified Holacracy® Practitioner
HolacracyOne, Amsterdam/NL & Philadelphia/USA

Simulation of this practically proven new management approach Hosting of governance and tactical meetings; application of Holacracy processes to resolve frictions and conflicts; agile project management

CIPD Advanced Certificate in Management Development
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London/UK

Development and implementation of a management development strategy, development of potential and performance, talent management, skill management, program design, workplace learning, change management
CIPD Advanced Certificate, national exam with honors

Human Resource Academy Certificate, ARS, Vienna
Employment law, strategic HR contribution to change processes, payroll accounting, performance-linked compensation, performance management, HR controlling, work council negotiations

Trainer Program for Adult Education
Communication, presentation, leading and guiding seminar groups, methodology and teaching methods, hosting discussions, goal-oriented teaching materials, creativity methods, educational play, sales training, sales psychology and selling

  • European Organisation Design Forum (EODF), UK
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), UK
  • Jury member at AREX (Aufsichtsrat Exzellenz)
  • Scrum Alliance USA
  • Alumni Club of the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Further milestones:

Management and strategic realignment of a renowned institute for executive education in Vienna. Co-creation and development of an international consulting agency Co-author of the German book: Weil Führung sich ändern muss – Aufgaben und Selbstverständnis in der digitalisierten Welt. (Why leadership needs to change – purpose and self-conception in a digitalized world.)

Exciting projects all around the world: Europe, USA, China


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