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HR, Agility and Friendly Fires

Friendly Fire is an attack by a military force on their own forces, or allied or neutral forces, while attempting to attack the enemy. Fortunately, this life-threatening form of assault is relatively rare in the business world. In the context of agile transformation, however, friendly fires do occur, and they can be dangerous. Find out how to avoid friendly fires in your own camp.

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Eva Ayberk - Und sie dreht sich doch! Blogartikel
And yet it moves!

5 astronomical tips for a paradigm shift in your company

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Just agile. No hype.

There has clearly been a hype when it comes to agility and agile work. Find out how this hype started and how to effectively utilize agile methods for your company without buying into the hype.

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Change management is dead. We need change platforms!

We’ve all read the dire statistics proving the failure of change programs. 50 to 70 % of change programs are said to be unsuccessful. Nonetheless, there seems to be an incessant run on comprehensive change initiatives.

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